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Why Mercer?

We have partnered with Mettl Solutions, a global leader in technology-enabled software to help you recruit better and retain candidates more effectively.

The Mercer suite of solutions has helped over 4,000 companies across 80+ countries to hire and develop the best talent. As part of our collaboration, we offer Mercer Mettl pre-employment assessments.

Test your candidates on everything from core and technical skills to personality and ability with the Mercer assessment platform.

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Simplify Candidate Evaluation

Holistic and cost-effective proctored assessments from Mercer.

Psychometric assessments

Ensure the best cultural fit between your organization and potential candidates with psychometric assessments.

Behavioral assessments

Evaluation tools to help you analyze behaviour patterns, and critical competencies of each candidate.

Aptitude assessments

Identify results-driven and performance-oriented individuals in your hiring pipeline with role-based cognitive assessments.

Technical skill assessments

Scale up your technical hiring decisions with in-depth evaluation tools such as integrated coding assessments and simulators.

Digital Assessment Platform

Deliver comprehensive assessments with Mercer’s robust world-class platform.

Manage and schedule multiple applicants

Get real-time responses from candidates

Remote proctoring

Conduct cheating-free virtual proctored tests with the online proctoring suite.

AI-based proctoring for built-in cheat prevention

Proctoring for crucial exams

Secure browser lockdown technology

Real-time face and device detection during video interviews

It also detects anomalies in case of suspicious actions like content theft.

A Bayt.com and Mercer Partnership

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