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Features of Bayt Job Postings

Access your applicant folder and notes for 120 days so you can compare talents and hire the most qualified candidates whenever you’re ready. 

Reveal the phone number and email address of your favorite applicants and reach out directly to arrange interviews, tests, and next steps. 

Get custom notifications and complete CV information for each applicant. View, sort, tag, share, and organize CVs as needed. 

Set up automated filters and questionnaires to filter out irrelevant and disqualified applicants from your CV inbox. 

Use our smart job description builder to define the responsibilities, skills, and required qualifications for your vacant positions. 

What Our 40,000 Clients Say About Us


I have been a frequent user of Bayt.com for over 8 years through various companies I have worked with. Bayt is one of the best recruiting and talent pool platforms in the Middle East.

One challenge it helped me overcome was finding candidates with specific skills which weren’t as easy to find in other job boards

[What also helped was the] availability of active profiles and the wide network and reach of Bayt.com talent pool in different countries.

Ujwala Adhikari

Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist

Magrabi Hospitals & Centers.

Bayt.com helped us immensely in many areas. From shortlisting candidates based on specific criteria to offering a vast database of applicants and from publishing job posts to contacting applicants – Bayt.com has made the whole [recruitment] process way easier.

Walaa Fouda

Corporate Recruitment Manager

ERC international

The biggest challenge [that] Bayt.com helped me solve was to give me similar … options related to the role I was looking for which really boosted my hiring. So yeah, thanks to Bayt.com for that.

Yasir Arafat

Senior Recruitment Officer

Danat Qatar

Bayt.com simplified the sourcing of qualified candidates which was their main solution for us. As a recruiter, I was always looking for the convenience of maximizing the available job seekers locally and internationally and Bayt.com successfully achieved the desired hiring process of Human Resources. Truly, this job site is leading the way in providing top-caliber candidates across the globe.

Mary Ann Suing

Recruitment Specialist

RTC1 Recruitment Services

As a recruiter, I found efficient ways to contact the candidates using Bayt.com. The WhatsApp button allowed me to message the candidates right away. Not just that, all the search filters are very helpful [in finding the right candidate]... Bayt.com stands out because of their unique platform and its various innovative features.

Ysabel Anne Hermosa

Customer Service Associate

Acuative ME

Bayt.com helped us solve a common problem that faced by most companies, that is, finding qualified candidates with less effort and in less time.

Shaghig Jinbashian

Recruiting Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Job postings are very simple to use. Once you sign up (or sign in), you will need to add a job description, set up the screening criteria, select one of our job posting offers, and proceed to submit the post. You’ll soon after start receiving CVs from applicants that you can view, contact, interview, and hire!  

Read more on how to get the most out of job postings here

You will have an applicant folder for each position you announce on Bayt.com. From each folder, you can view the full CV as well as the candidate contact information (mobile number and email address). You can also opt to receive notifications and CVs by email. 

Bayt.com is home to over 41,000,0000 CVs. There are so many options to choose from regardless of what role you’re hiring for. Our customer care team is happy to guide you through strategies that can increase the number and relevancy of your applicants. We will also continuously share with you recommendations for hiring practices and tips to secure your current and future talent needs. 

Each job posting (basic, classic, or premium) can be used to announce one job only. There are no limitations on how many job postings you can purchase and activate at the same time. 

Alternatively, you can use job slots; which allow you to advertise as many positions as you may have throughout the year. Once you have hired a candidate for an open position, you can use the same job slot to advertise the next position, and so on.

We offer several job posting packages that support companies of all sizes, needs, and budgets, including free options. Check out our pricing page for details. 

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