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Why Mercer?

With over 30,000 clients in 140+ countries, Mercer is the largest HR consulting firm in the world.
The Bayt-Mercer partnership gives you accurate, comprehensive benefits and compensation information to make your payroll decisions.

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Total Remuneration Survey (TRS)

Looking for reliable compensation data to plan your workforce? Attract and retain your top talent using Mercer’s flagship remuneration product, TRS.

The Total Remuneration Survey (TRS) is a worldwide survey of compensation and benefits which can help you create a well-structured pay strategy for your organization.

Psychometric assessments

Ensure the best cultural fit between your organization and potential candidates with psychometric assessments.

Behavioral assessments

Evaluation tools to help you analyze behaviour patterns, and critical competencies of each candidate.

Aptitude assessments

Identify results-driven and performance-oriented individuals in your hiring pipeline with role-based cognitive assessments.

Technical skill assessments

Scale up your technical hiring decisions with in-depth evaluation tools such as integrated coding assessments and simulators.

Get easy, online access with TRS that provides accurate, high-quality data covering the full rewards package, including:

Annual base salary

Total guaranteed cash compensation

Total direct compensation

Annual total cash compensation

Total remuneration

What do you get from TRS?

View customized survey results, analyze market data, combine profiles, and much more online

Summary of economic, labor trends, and market pay tendencies

In-depth analysis of jobs that focuses on remuneration values

Reports on market regression and position class by IPE methodology

Access to the overview of salary budget forecasts, compensation mix, short and long-term incentive practices, etc.

Tailor-made statistics based on revenue size, number of employees, peer groups, etc.

Online Access

Market Overview

Relevant, insightful data

Market Regression

Benefits and prevalence summary

Custom analysis

A Bayt.com and Mercer Partnership

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